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Canada Goose Jackets Having said that, admittedly the game does need work and while I don recommend getting so very emotionally invested in the games you buy (did these people sell their family to afford it? (Genuine concern)), it does indeed need some work and it have indeed taken longer than it should have done to at least somehow start fixing some of the easier issues at hand, such as loot. I don very much appreciate that, but hey, it not like I have an active subscription or anything, right? So while I impatiently wait to see where this ends up, amd having reached the maximum item level long ago, I tend to play some here and there, hoping for better rolls on leggies. Love the canada goose kensington parka uk core of the game, the visuals, the (the feel of you being in control and not overly hindered by the game). Canada Goose Jackets

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